Guide to creating a posting

Here’s what you will need to include in your posting:

At least 4 High Resolution photos

  • Pro tip: Postings with 6 or more photos receive a 2x higher engagement rate! You can even drag and drop your photos so the best photo appears as the cover photo which guests will see first. 

Description of your company and what you do

  • Pro tip: This is your chance to tell potential guests who you are and what you stand for, so be descriptive!

Accurate Pricing

  • Pro tip: License fees are billed on a per-person, per-month basis. If you want to set a minimum for a private space, feel free to indicate this in your “Office Culture” description. So, for example if you want to charge $1,000 for a private office that seats two, you can set the price per person as $500, then write in your “Office Culture” description: “Minimum of 2 people for the private office.”


  • Pro tip: While you aren't required to offer anything aside from the space itself, the more you can provide to your guests, the more appealing your space will be. Typically, guests need office furniture and WiFi, however, some are happy to provide their own. 

House Rules

  • Pro tip: This section allows you to customize your posting as well as your guest contract. When you add a rule to your "House Rules" section, the guest will be required to agree to this rule before completing the booking.  

Office Culture

  • This section allows you to tell potential guests about your office culture as well as what type of space you have to offer. Make sure this section answers the following questions:
  1. Office type: Are the spaces available part of an open-seating area, cubicles, private or a mixture of both?
  2. Lighting: Is the lighting mostly natural, artificial or both?
  3. Private Space: Are there conference rooms/phone booths available for private calls? How are these managed? 
  4. Atmosphere: How would you describe the work atmosphere? Heads down and silent? Bustling and collaborative?
  5. Team Size: What size team do you want sharing your space? If you require a minimum or maximum guest team size, be sure to indicate that number.
  6. Industry: What type of industries are you looking to share space with? What types of companies are you NOT interested in sharing space with?
  7. Work Hours:What hours does your team typically work? Will guest companies have 24-hour building access?
  8. Extras: Will guests have access to storage space? A service elevator? Doorman? Indicate any extras that might make your space more appealing. 

Feeling stuck? We are happy to review your posting and provide suggestions for ways to increase its visibility. Contact to speak with a PivotDesk team member. 




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