I entered my banking information for direct deposit but received a failed payment notification

  • If you have not verified your bank account payment cannot be taken which results in a failed payment notification.
  • After we receive payment information we send two micro deposits (less than $1) into the account. Once you see these deposits in your account you will need to verify the deposit amounts in your PivotDesk profile to complete your booking. To verify:
    • Log into your online banking statements/dashboard for the account you are using to pay for your space.
    • You will see two micro deposits in your account (less than $1 each). Note these amounts.
    • Next, log into your PivotDesk.com account. Click "Verify Now" on your PivotDesk dashboard notifications, then click "Verify" and enter each deposit amount, then click "Verify Account."
    • When you receive the confirmation message, your booking will be complete!


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