I'm looking for space – how does this work?

Once you create a PivotDesk account (it’s free!) you can easily search for spaces and communicate with host companies through the platform. You can search by location, price and size as well as other search options. 

Found a space you liked online? See it in person and meet the host company by requesting a tour! If you both feel like it’s a good fit, the host can send you an invitation to book.

Once you have accepted your booking invitation, be sure to go back to your PivotDesk dashboard and enter payment information. Upon booking your deposit will be taken and your first monthly license payment will be taken on your move in date. 

Pro tip: When creating an account and communicating with host companies be sure to share a few details about your company, your team and workspace preferences. For example: What does your company do? What’s your team like? What kind of work environment do you prefer – relaxed and quiet or open and collaborative? Office sharing is seen as an intimate relationship and companies will want to know more about you and your team before inviting you to book at their space.

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