Why do I need to verify my PivotDesk payment account?

After we receive payment information we send two micro deposits (less than $1) into the account to verify the account is good to use.When the account is verified payment can be taken for your space. Once you see these deposits in your account you will need to verify the deposit amounts in your PivotDesk profile to complete your booking. To verify:

  • Log into your online banking statements/dashboard for the account you are using to pay for your space.
  • You will see two micro deposits in your account (less than $1 each). Note these amounts.
  • Next, log into your PivotDesk.com account. Click "Verify Now" on your PivotDesk dashboard notifications, then click "Verify" and enter each deposit amount, then click "Verify Account."
  • When you receive the confirmation message, your booking will be complete.


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